Seasol Garden Care Facts – The Stresses of Summer and your plants

Story Title: Seasol Garden Care Facts – The Stresses of Summer and your plants
TX Date: 6th October 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

Seaweed has played a major role in promoting strong healthy plant growth throughout history. Its effectiveness is unquestionable but the reasons behind why its worked so well was a puzzle to science for years. Today we know that Seaweed is rich in a synergistic range of natural compounds, trace elements, alginates and bio active compounds all working together to promote strong healthy plant structure. Another wonderful attribute of Seaweed is its ability to feed and encourage soil microorganisms.

  • When you consider that a handful of healthy soil can consist of over a billion of these vital living creatures it only makes sense for us to want to feed and nurture them. Their role is to break down the organic material within soils, changing its composition to a food source that can be absorbed easily by plants.
  • Seasol is a natural seaweed plant tonic that is embraced by commercial growers and home gardeners and is organically certified. It consists of a blend of some of the finest brown kelps from around the world all of which are grown and harvested sustainably. Simply mix 30ml of Seasol into 9 liters of water and apply very 2 – 4 weeks.
  • By applying Seasol regularly your plants will develop a greater tolerance to environmental stress such as heat and drought making it the ideal way to prepare your garden for the stresses of Summer.
  • Other benefits include an increase in flower and fruit production and a boost in your plants immune system helping protect them from insect and fungal attack. If your growing fresh organic vegetables at home Seasol is the perfect addition for creating heathy nutrient dese food and it’s great to know that it can be used on all plants including your natives.