Gabion Walls

Episode: 9
Title: Gabion Walls
Broadcast: October 20, 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Gabion walls have become an extremely popular trend in gardens all around Australia. They can be used as retaining walls or as division features, and are extremely easy to set up.

  • Gabion walls can help to fight erosion in your garden, particularly if you have sloping areas with soil running down. By using your gabion walls to create tiers you will be able to fight erosion, as well as improve the environment.
  • Creating your own gabion wall is incredibly easy  – simply drop into your local hardware store to pick up some flat packs. There are a few simple but highly effective design attributes, such as giving you the ability to screw tie the sides of the boxes before filling them with stones.
  • Before filling your boxes, make sure that the ground is level. White’s Group have an extensive range of pebbles, stones and rocks available in handy 25kg bags. Fill your frame slowly, and if you’re looking to save money use larger fill stones in the middle, and the smaller, more decretive stones on the outside.
  • Not only do gabion walls look fantastic, they also play an important ecological role for the insects and small reptiles in your garden. These walls will become their homes, protecting them from predators and giving them a warm environment to live in.

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