How to look after your gloves

Episode: 10
Title: How to look after your gloves
Broadcast: October 27th 2018
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

When it comes to our gardening tools we take the time to look after them so that way they continue to help us get the job done… and the goes for our gardening gloves. A little bit of good old TLC maintenance can help to stop them from going rock hard for the next time we need to use them.

  • One of the first steps is to clean off any dirt. By doing this at the end of the day will keep the overall hygiene of your gloves a lot better. If you have leather gloves, take a damp wet cloth and gently rub and wipe away any dirt or mud.
  • Then keep your gloves out of the sun and in a dry place as this will prevent them from deteriorating. If you have leather gloves laying them flat instead of crumpled together when storing them will help them to keep their shape. And it will help to prevent them from becoming stiff and uncomfortable for when you need them next.
  • At the end of the day, as tempting as it is to take your gloves off and leave them and forget about them. The poor old gloves just wanted a little bit of attention. So by taking a few more minutes to give them a bit of care will keep them in top form.