Kanga mini loader attachment: Blade Ripper

Episode: 11
Title: Kanga mini loader attachment: Blade Ripper
Broadcast: November 3, 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Good soil preparation is absolutely vital for healthy plants and lawns.

  • You can take care of your soil by adding compost, organic matter, or even gypsum for heavier clay soils to help break down the particles.
  • It is essential to cultivate and rip your soil, especially if it is compacted. Using a shovel can be tough, especially on larger areas, so a Kanga machine may well be the way to go.
  • Like all other Kanga attachments, it is easy to connect to the machine – simply line up the plate and lift it on. The tough, heavy duty Tungsten teeth can rip through the heaviest of soils with ease.
  • The ripper is also great for loosening and softening areas prior to excavation.

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