Scotts Greener, Stronger Lawns

Episode: 11
Title: Scotts Greener, Stronger Lawns
Broadcast: November 3, 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

With summer just around the corner, you’ll want your lawn looking lush and green. Feeding your lawn properly will keep it healthy, and will also keep weeds, pests and diseases under control.

  • A slow release fertiliser will feed your lawn uniformly over a period of several months. This ensures that the fertiliser is not wasted through runoff and leaching, and will also prevent burning.
  • Scotts Lawn Builder uses patented time release technology to ensure that nutrients are released slowly and continuously over a three-month period. This means that you won’t need to use as much fertiliser as you would if you were using a standard fertiliser.
  • The iron in Scotts Lawn Builder provides an immediate greening in just a few days after application, while the added wetting agent will help water to penetrate the soil and be absorbed into the root zone of the grass. It will also aid in the rewetting of dry soils and improves the drainage in soil that is prone to waterlogging.
  • Scotts Lawn Builder and Wetting Agent Slow Release lawn fertiliser can be applied dry, without the need to water it in. This makes it safe to leave until the next time it rains, or until the soil next needs watering. Applying the fertiliser with a Scotts will ensure an even and effective application, and it is safe to use around children and pets.

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