Troforte Liquid Follow Up

Segment: Troforte Liquid Follow Up
Episode: 13
Presenter: Melissa King
Date: November 17th, 2018

When looking after your plants, it is always important to make sure that you’re keeping your soil healthy.

  • Spring is the season when you’ll be able to see your plants gearing up to flower and fruit. There are a variety of plants and trees that make a big splash at this time of year, such as viburnums, rhododendrons and azaleas.
  • Putting some Troforte M All Purpose into your soil will promote healthy and vigorous growth, leading to lots of flowers and fruit. This fertiliser doesn’t just feed your plants – it also contains millions of beneficial microbes to keep your soil healthy, creating the perfect environment for your plants to grow in.
  • Troforte Liquid Plant Food will be the icing on top of the cake. It works in conjunction with the granular food, triggering the plant to produce more organic food using energy from the sun. This organic food is transported to the roots by the plant and provides food for the beneficial microbes. In exchange, the microbes provide the plant with vital nutrients.
  • Troforte Liquid Plant Food becomes rain fast after just 2 hours, forming an almost invisible gel that retains nutrients in the soil for up to 3 months. Simply apply this to your garden once every season to keep your plants healthy and happy.

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