Sproutwell Greenhouses

Segment: Sproutwell Greenhouses
Episode: 13
Presenter: Melissa King
Date: November 17th, 2018

Having your own greenhouse in your backyard will help you to grow plants all year round, no matter the conditions. Making sure that you have the right greenhouse for your needs is extremely important.

  • The Sproutwell Greenhouse Display Centre is Victoria’s largest display centre. Their range includes greenhouses in every shape, size and colour. It is worth stopping by the display centre, as you’ll be able to touch and feel the products - it’s one thing to see the greenhouses online, but it’s another thing entirely to see them in person.
  • When looking for your own greenhouse, it is important to know what you plan to use it for, what site you’ll be putting it on, as well as how much wind there will be - Sproutwell Greenhouses have quite high wind resistance.
  • Different cladding materials, such as glass and polycarbonate, will create different temperatures in the greenhouse. The polycarbonate is a twin wall UV stabilised polycarbonate. Many Sproutwell greenhouses also come with shading, which will keep away the harsh summer heat, helping you grow all year round.
  • If you are gardening on a shoestring budget, or are simply interested in growing on a smaller scale, you’ll be able to find everything from small freestanding greenhouses to compact garden ideas. You’ll also be able to find some great garden sculptures and Christmas gift ideas.

P: 1300 938 691
W: http://sproutwellgreenhouses.com.au