Osmocote Controlled Release Ferteliser

Title: Osmocote Controlled Release Ferteliser
Episode: 14
Presenter: Melissa King
Date: December 1st, 2018

If you care about nurturing your plants but don’t have the time to feed them every couple of weeks, a controlled release fertiliser such as Osmocote may be the right option for you.

  • Spring and summer are the height of colour in the garden, with warm season veggies and herbs springing to life, and flowers such as roses and azaleas bursting into bloom. With all of this growth and activity, it is the perfect time to give your plants a feed.
  • Osmocote is a set and forget plant food. It will feed your plants for 6 months from a single application, with nutrients released throughout the growing season as needed.
  • This fertiliser contains all the nutrients your plants need, including the essential trace elements and minerals needed for improved growth. It also contains a wetting agent to improve water penetration and reduce the need for watering.
  • If you want just one tub to use on everything, Total All Purpose is a great choice. If you want to pamper your plants individually, you can pick up a tub that suits your needs.

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