Garden Lighting

Title: Garden Lighting
Episode: 14
Presenter: Steve Wood
Date: December 1st, 2018

Holman offers an excellent outdoor lighting range, perfect to light up your entertainment areas for the coming festive season.

  • The Holman garden lighting range is perfect for any situation, and you won’t need an electrician to achieve a professional look.
  • Lighting the path to your doorway with warm lights will give guests coming to your home an excellent first impression, and you can also light up your ferns and trees to create a spectacular effect.
  • The system works on an ultra-low voltage, providing you with stylish and efficient lighting, and the patented plug and socket SAFE-T cable system makes it incredibly easy to put together.
  • All you need to control the new lighting system is the Holman app on your smart phone. This powers your light source via Bluetooth technology, and you’ll be able to control the colour, intensity and program the nights you want the lights to come on.

Holman Industries
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