Watering made easy with Auto Reel

Episode: 1
Title: Watering made easy with Auto Reel
Broadcast: March 2 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

A hose is one of the first tools bought for the garden, and it’s used almost on a daily basis, so it’s important to get the right piece of equipment! Auto Reel ticks all the boxes and makes the gardening chores a breeze.

  • In our water-wise country, every garden needs an efficient, hassle-free and easy to use hose.
  • Hozelock’s Auto Reel has a hose for any sized garden, with their medium range coming in 20m, 25m or 30m, all packed up in a one size durable outer case.
  • The garden will stay neat and tidy, with the “hose laying mechanism” guaranteeing the hose will return back into the unit every time with no tangles or fuss! There’s even a child lock on the unit that prevents the hose from being pulled out or retracted when engaged.
  • The installation process for this piece of equipment has been designed to be as easy and practical as possible.
  • It’s all anti-kink! That means the water gets delivered right onto your garden with minimal fuss and frustration.
  • This unit comes complete with soft touch hose connectors, plus it’s incredibly easy to lift and move thanks to some clever light-weight ingenuity. There is also the Feeder Hose Storage that neatly stores it when not in use.