Planting projects and cacti care

Episode: 1
Title: Planting projects and cacti care
Broadcast: March 2 2019
Presenter: Melissa King

Cacti and succulents make an incredible display for any size garden. The best part is that with the right start and ingredients, they are low maintenance and fuss free – perfect for the dabbling gardener!

  • Like any plant, cacti and succulents require a specific type of environment to thrive. They need a free draining soil, so their roots don’t rot, and Osmocote have a potting mix tailored perfectly for these plants.
  • Although they are very durable and hardy plants, succulents still benefit from a good feed every so often – it’ll be the difference between a somewhat average arrangement, and a vibrant array of colour.
  • Evergreen’s Osmocote has an easy to use liquid Boost+Feed fertiliser specifically designed for cacti and succulents. It works quickly through the roots and leaves and is absorbed within minutes.
  • This liquid solution is also perfect for your established cacti and succulents, whether they’re looking a little stressed or just in need of a boost to promote extra growth.
  • Boost+Feed for Cacti and Succulents is low in nitrogen and high in potassium – perfect to bolster growth and flowering, plus it aids in pest resistance.