100 years – Great Plants, Great People

Episode: 2
Title: 100 years – Great Plants, Great People
Broadcast: March 9, 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Gardeners are very passionate people, and those that work in the industry do it because they absolutely love it. Fleming’s Nursery is no better example than a workplace filled with gardeners and horticulturalists devoted to their profession.

  • 2019 marks 100 years of dedication and hard work for Fleming’s Nursery, a stand-out achievement for this family owned and run business.
  • It’s likely that almost every house in Australia would have a Fleming’s tree, but you would probably not know it and that’s exactly how Fleming’s operates – the quiet overachievers.
  • The business was started in 1919 by Eric Fleming and as the business got passed down the family line it became a properly established leader in growing fruit and introducing new cultivars from overseas.
  • Today it’s Eric’s grandson, Wes Fleming, who leads the charge of world class nurserymen and women. Wes was led down the nurseryman’s path when he was a teenager and he hasn’t really looked back.
  • The secret to Fleming’s longevity is a simple one: people with passion. The people, those who have worked there and those who have been supplied by Fleming’s, make the business a success.
  • The nursery has worked hard to bring new and improved tree varieties of better shape and form, as well as trees that have greater performance in any landscape environment.
  • Peter Todd has been at Fleming’s for 40 years, so safe to say he loves what he does. Through his time at the nursery he has been a key role in the growing of close to 200 million trees. Such is Todd’s dedication to the industry, they even named a tree after him – Ulmus parvifolia ‘Todd’.
  • Fleming’s is a very innovative nursery and allows long-time employee, Leanne Gillies, to travel the world searching and sourcing an incredible array of new tree varieties best suited to the Australian market.
  • Heart and soul goes into the production of each and every tree at Fleming’s Nursery, so when you buy one of their plants, you are certainly investing in something pretty special.