Seasol Seaweed concentrate

Episode: 2
Title: Seasol Seaweed concentrate
Broadcast: March 9, 2019
Presenter: Melissa King

The harshness of summer can take a lot out of the garden. The heat and sunshine will take its toll eventually and puts a lot of stress on the plants and soil by the time autumn rolls in. Now is the perfect time to revitalize and boost the depleted garden so it’s ready to tackle the winter.

  • Seasol is a natural seaweed plant tonic that is ideal for any part of your garden.
  • There are a few good reasons why Seasol is ideal to use in autumn. Firstly, it helps with plant recovery, so the plant can concentrate all its energy in healthy regrowth.
  • The seaweed base of Seasol stimulates and aids strong healthy root growth and adds beneficial micro-organisms to the soil. With bigger, stronger root systems, the plants are able to access water more efficiently.
  • A soak of Seasol will enhance your plants’ chances of one last boost of brilliant blooms or tasty produce before they set in to their winter hibernation.
  • All the right ingredients are there to make your plant and garden tough and ready for anything. It increases their tolerance to environmental stresses such as heat, drought and frost, pests and diseases.
  • It even helps improve seed germination rates and reduces the shock to seedlings when they are transplanted. Seasol helps to kick-start plants and get them nicely established before the winter hits.
  • Seasol is an all-year round product, suitable for any season and on any plant. For greater benefit, use every 2 weeks!