Planter ideas – Oxy Planter Boxes

Episode: 2
Title: Planter ideas – Oxy Planter Boxes
Broadcast: March 9, 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Planter boxes can be a fantastic feature for any sized garden, but it’s important that the pot looks just as good as the plant that’s in it.

  • The Oxy-Shield range of planter pots is an architecturally inspired look that landscapers and gardeners really love, and the “rustic” style is a big trend in many homes and backyards at the moment.
  • The Oxy-Shield is a specially formulated steel that oxides to a rich patina without the inherent degradation of steel, so there’s no corrosion or flaking – perfect for any area of the outdoors, as well as the home.
  • There’s a variety of sizes and shapes available, suitable for any size plant or alfresco area. The Café Series is suitable for alfresco living with its café style and can work well as a divider.
  • The Casa Series is the mid-sized range, the size is ideal for the patio, deck BBQ area and verandahs.
  • The Copa Series is perfect for the smaller plants and can even be used as a centre piece – an accent for any table or wall.
  • The rusty colour of the pots is a charm all in itself. It mixes and matches perfectly with any sort of foliage or coloured flower. Succulents match incredibly well with their subtle greens and pinks, making a perfect feature.