Replenishing Nutrients and Improving Soil Health

Episode: 3
Title: Replenishing Nutrients and Improving Soil Health
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’re thinking about growing vegetables or even planting fruit trees over the cooler months, it’s worth considering getting a really good plant starter. You will no doubt be rewarded with incredible crops and produce if you give the plant the right foundations.

  • The proof, they say, is in the pudding and Trevor’s example of Cavendish bananas is exactly why Troforte M is a great kick-start to any plant or garden. In a cooler climate the key in getting best the results out of this banana tree was getting rapid growth and development of the structure of the plant.
  • Troforte M is a controlled release plant food, developed and manufactured right here in Australia. It has 26 native beneficial microbes freeze dried and encapsulated around prills which have 60 different micro and macro nutrients. When the prill gets wet, the microbes come alive and start eating the mineral nutrients in the fertilizer, converting them into soluble plant food.
  • There’s a number Troforte M formulations, but if you have an intensive horticulture garden, one that produces veggies, herbs and flowers, Rejuven8or plant food is going to be the most beneficial for your garden.
  • These types of gardens use up an incredible amount of energy, and as summer comes to a close and all your plants are spent, you will need to replace the nutrients in the soil before you can consider planting your next crop.
  • Cultivating the soil is important as it opens it up, giving it aeration, which very important for microbial life, beneficial bacteria and fungi that convert any insoluble minerals in the soil into nutrients. But adding Rejuven8tor will give the soil an even bigger boost as it provides a specialized blend of beneficial microbes and complex mineral diet to the soil.
  • Apply 60gms per square metre and then re-cultivate the soil before wetting it down and your soil will be alive with worms and ready to plant in just days.