Flower Carpet Roses

Episode: 3
Title: Flower Carpet Roses
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you need some inspiration for your rose garden, you may want to consider the amazing, low-lying ground cover of the Flower Carpet Rose. They’re incredibly low maintenance and will add a huge splash of colour to your rose beds.

  • The Flower Carpet Rose is the world’s number one ground cover rose, with some varieties producing an incredible bloom of up to 2,000 flowers from spring right through to autumn.
  • The flower clusters of each bush will be more prolific in full sun. Their foliage is dense, green and glossy, making it a really attractive addition to any garden and the bees will love you for it!
  • They’re easy to maintain and have exceptional disease resistance. Plus, once established, their well-developed root system means they’re drought and low-water tolerant.
  • Just like any other rose, they require only a once per year prune in late winter or early spring and a good feed of rose fertilizer in early spring and late summer.
  • These roses are a fairly hardy plant and will do well in most soils and climates, but they will perform the best in well-drained crumbly garden soil. You can plant them almost any time of the year, two to three plants per square metre, or you can space them out as a border.
  • Best of all, Carpet Roses are very tolerant of common rose blights like black spot and mildew, so don’t require the routine spraying like many other varieties.