Feeding the Starved Garden

Episode: 3
Title: Feeding the Starved Garden
Broadcast: March 16, 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Feeding your plants before the cold winter hits is the perfect autumn garden chore. Nothing in the garden should be left out of a good feed and boost before they head into hibernation.

  • Giving your plants that last-minute feed during autumn will give them a huge advantage preparing for spring growth. The best type of fertiliser for this job is one which will gradually feed your plants, so they are not pushing out a lot of new growth in a short amount of growing time.
  • Osmocote’s controlled release fertiliser range feeds plants continuously for 6 months or more, all with one easy application. The controlled release technology releases small quantities of nutrients when plants need it, so there is no excess or leaching.
  • Osmocote reduces the need for watering. This is because it contains a wetting agent that helps soil hold more moisture, which also encourages deeper, stronger root growth.
  • This range of fertiliser contains all the nutrients your plants need including essential trace elements and minerals for healthier plants.
  • Each Osmocote fertiliser has been specifically formulated to match the exact feeding needs of different plants, so there’s one for every place in your garden!