The Ultimate in Lawn Care

Episode: 4
Title: The Ultimate in Lawn Care
Broadcast: March 23, 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Mowing can be an all-year-round garden job and if you love your lawn, it’s important to have the right gear!

  • There are two main types of mowers: the cylinder and the rotary. The rotary mower has rotating blades on a horizontal plane. They are hugely versatile for the general-purpose mow and have a large range of mowing heights.
  • A cylinder mower will take you to that extra mile in ultimate lawn care, where the difference is in the cutting action. Where rotary’s have a more high-speed chopping action, cylinder mowers have a finer, scissor cut action which allows for finer precision, and lower, more frequent mowing.
  • The Rover Liberty 43 is powered by a 410 watt, at 10 amps, 40-volt Lithium Ion Battery. It has five pre-set cutting heights ranging from 6mm to 32mm.
  • The Liberty 43 has a 2 Section Steel Reel Roller with differential for effortless turns, and a strong Steel Front Roller. The unit is self-propelled and driven by a single speed setting that controls propulsion and cutting speed.
  • The 40V Battery powered motor is great for low noise cutting, making early morning or night cutting possible, and it’s easier on maintenance and better for the environment than a petrol engine.
  • This mower comes standard with a 6-blade reel cutter cartridge (79 cuts per metre) and is also compatible with a few other cartridges: 10 Blade reel cutter, Scarifier, Aerator, Verticut, De-thatcher & Lawn Brush.