Garden Bed Design

Episode: 6
Title: Garden Bed Design
Broadcast: April 6, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Retaining walls are a great way of managing steep and unstable properties. With Whites new Retain-iT system, levelling out your property has never been easier.

  • To begin with, all you need to start your landscaping project is a good quality post hole shovel, a measuring tape, whites Retain-iT sleepers, posts and some post cement.
  • The posts come in four heights of 450mm, 750mm, 1100mm and the big daddy 1500mm
  • The sleepers between the posts are 2.4m long so the posts run at intervals of 2.45m to allow a bit of play later on.
  • The posts are sunk into the ground and cemented into place. It’s just a case of measuring the distance between posts on your wall and of course, getting levels right.
  • The posts come in three configurations – a corner post, joiner post and end post. They come two widths to accommodate either 50mm or 75mm sleepers.
  • Once the posts are cemented into place just slot the sleepers in between them and backfill behind your retaining wall to create a neat and level surface on an otherwise uneven property.
  • Not only does the Retain-iT system make the perfect retaining wall, but will also function as the ideal raised garden bed.