Feeding indoor plants

Episode: 7
Title: Feeding indoor plants
Broadcast: April 13, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

With the popularity of indoor plants continuing to grow, here’s a few good tips to keep them green and happy.

  • Indoor plants still need light, so make sure they aren’t too far from a window.
  • As a rough watering guide, a 150mm pot will need about half a cup of water twice a week. Be careful not to over-water as it will rot the roots.
  • Make sure they are fed. Controlled release plant food is best, to avoid turning the soil salty and burning the foliage.
  • Osmocote controlled release fertilizer for pots, planters and indoors feeds plants in small, regular amounts to support the energy requirements as the plant grows.
  • This blend supports the growth and sustains the plant so it’s always looking lush and shiny. A small amount every 6 months is all that’s required.