Lighting Your Garden with Holman

Episode: 8
Title: Lighting Your Garden with Holman
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Light in a garden should never be under estimated for its ability to accentuate the ambiance for people enjoying the outdoors and today Trevor shows us some great new technology from our friends at Holman.

  • Holman are the people behind irrigation technology innovation in Australia have used the same creative thinking to develop a brilliant plug n play outdoor garden lighting system.
  • Low wattage systems like Holman’s that use LED technology use little energy whilst creating maximum effect.
  • The Holman system has spotlights, deck lights and it's a simple 3 step set up with you choosing your transformer which will plug into you power point.. then your garden lights and then the cabling..
  • By adding the wattage together of the lights you want you can work out how many you can have for the transformer. Ie a 60 watt transformer can run 30 a 1.8 watt deck lights… and you could add another 6 watt spotlight to the line…
  • The cables are connected by a plug and socket system that carries the IP67 water and dust proof rating, which is effectively pond grade water proofing and due to the transformer turning AC to DC it is safe and easy to install.
  • Once your lights have been installed, download the free app to your smart phone and then connect via Bluetooth. Once downloaded, you can start to play. There are white lights or you could go for the RGB custom colour wide spectrum option, allowing you to change the mood with colour selection all from the comfort of your phone.
  • Garden lighting adds ambience, highlights the beauty of the environment and delivers a safer environment for people walking in and around the garden. Setting up your garden lighting has never been easier or as good a quality for a very small investment cost and Holman has a 2 year warranty on their lights.
  • As far as the best colour’s for your garden, you can run them automatically so they come on and off when you want and/orcreate custom scenes. You actually have different programming options all available from the app, it’s brilliant and you don't have to get out of your chair to go from Chilled out to party mode.

Install some Holman lighting to your garden today and create your dream garden vibe.
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