Garden Express Tulips

Episode: 8
Title: Garden Express Tulips
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Melissa King

Wondering what to get your garden loving mum for Mothers’ Day? Garden Express have picked out a beautifully packaged spring bulb offer that might just solve your problem!

  • Although commonly associated with Holland, the tulip actually originated from Turkey and Central Asia. It wasn’t until the 16th Century that Turkish traders brought tulip bulbs to Holland and they exploded in popularity.
  • Autumn is the time to plant tulip bulbs. They are used to the European cold snap of winter, which stimulates flowering, so make sure you pop them in the fridge roughly 6 weeks before planting to encourage a stunning display of blooms in spring.
  • Plant fairly deep, roughly 20cm, and the bigger the bulb the deeper the hole. Set the bulb pointy end up.
  • Bulbs don’t like too much water, let the winter rains do that, or give it a weekly water if in a dry spell. Once leaves start to emerge, give them a feed with a bit of bulb food or bone meal.
  • Garden Express has a whole palette of tulip varieties on offer this week: each crate contains 20 bulbs of either red, purple, yellow or pink – just head to their online store and they will be delivered, Australia wide, straight to your door!