Home Remedies for Pest Control

Episode: 8
Title: Home Remedies for Pest Control
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

Today’s gardeners are reaching less for chemicals and more for organic and natural solutions to maintain their homes and gardens. Now gardens can flourish “naturally” with the help of Hozelock’s new Pure Sprayers range.

  • The Pure Sprayers the range has been specifically designed for use with naturally derived pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers concentrate products and homemade solutions.
  • These sprayers have specifically formulated rubber seals that are resistant to abrasive and acidic solutions such as vinegar (acetic acid), bi carb soda and detergents that can be found in some naturally derived gardening concentrates and homemade plant protection and cleaning recipes.
  • The sprayer contains a filter designed for plant infusions and manures, the spray nozzle is easily adjustable to change the spray target area, and the lance is fibre glass and resistant to aggressive products.
  • There are numerous natural home remedy recipes available on the internet, some to kill of garden pests such as aphids or scale, and others to get rid of weeds. By creating more natural sprays and solutions for the home and garden, you are eradicating potentially harmful chemicals from your backyard and growing organically.
  • This product range will be available in Bunnings Stores this winter, June 2019.