Lawn Care with a Lawn Addict

Episode: 8
Title: Lawn Care with a Lawn Addict
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Nick Clayton is one seriously big fan lawn. He loves sharing his passion and knowledge with the wider community, so much so, it’s evolved into a Facebook page with thousands of members. It’s a place to share tips and tricks to the perfect backyard lawn.

  • There are plenty of environmental benefits to lawn: just 6 square metres of turf provides enough oxygen to keep a person going every day. And just 1 square metre of lawn can take as much carbon dioxide out of the air as 1 square metre of rainforest.
  • WA Lawn Addicts is a Facebook page dedicated to lawn enthusiasts, fantatics and just those wanting a few handy tips to get their lawn green again. There’s over 12,000 members and continues to grow day.
  • Everything from favourite lawn products to the best lawn type are discussed, and there’s a solution to every problem posted.
  • WA Lawn Addicts really kicked off when they had a big field day headed by Rover Mowers, who have been a big supporter of the page.
  • Some handy tips from the experts? Water little, and often. Mow in different directions, which will make the lawn finer.