Keeping Your Garden Trim with Stihl

Episode: 8
Title: Keeping Your Garden Trim with Stihl
Broadcast: April 20, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’re in need of a Mother’s Day idea, or just need to get every corner of your garden looking its very best, then a set of garden shears might be the next tool you need for your backyard.

  • These Stihl hedging shears ensure great mobility and long running time. Thanks to its powerful Lithium-Ion battery the tool can run for up to 110 minutes on a single battery charge, that is more than enough battery power to fully trim up to 30 box tree balls.
  • It comes with two high-quality cutting blades as standard. The Shrub blade has a 20cm cutting length for accurate shaping of ornamental trees and hedges. The grass blade has a 12cm cutting width for trimming grass, perfect for lawn edging. Thanks to the Quick-Change Button, The cutting blades can be switched in an instant without the need for tools.
  • The laser cut, diamond-ground blades of the shrub shears have a 16mm tooth spacing for fast cutting of leafy material. The blades work at a speed of 2000 strokes per minute to ensure a nice clean cut as well as being powerful enough to cut through twigs and branches up to a diameter of 8mm.
  • The large ergonomic trigger can be operated using two or three fingers, making handling the device very simple and thanks to the ergonomic and rubberised handle, it feels secure and fits comfortably in the hand.
  • The textile carry case allows for neat and tidy storage of the shears, charger, battery and both cutting attachments. So neat and tidy you could even keep it in the house rather than the shed.
  • Available as an accessory, the telescopic extension shaft allows you to extend your reach by over a meter, this eliminates the need to bend down when grass trimming and means you can tackle higher or wider shrubs too. (depending on the height of the operator this could be a 2-3.5m reach)