Larger Gardens

Segment: Larger Gardens
Episode: Spring 2019 Ep01
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 7th September 2019

The most important thing to do in early spring is feed your garden. It’s a bit like waking up in the morning and not having your coffee or breakfast. Your garden needs the stimulation to help it flourish.

  • Troforte® Fert-O-Lawn is a world-first Australian breakthrough in plant nutrition technology, and is proudly made in Australia to suit our unique soils and weather conditions.
  • If you have a big garden, the most cost effective way to cover it is by using a 10kg bucket of Troforte M. It repairs tired and unresponsive soils with each use and will ensure your garden will remain lush and healthy all year round.
  • Troforte M uses 26 different beneficial soil microbes to convert the minerals in this fertilizer into a soluble fertiliser for the roots to take up. It does the release slowly allowing the plants to feed as they need small amounts of nutrients every day.
  • The Troforte blends are tailored to the needs of specific plants. For instance roses, azaleas and camellias produce masses of flowers, and this requires larger amounts of nutrients like potassium, so the blend reflects this need.
  • Natives need very little phosphorus so the Troforte M Natives Blend reflects that.
  • 10kg buckets are great for another reason - you can reseal the lid after application, pop it in a dry spot and reuse anything leftover in 4 to 6 months.

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