Complete Garden Health

Segment: Complete Garden Health
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep01
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 7th September 2019

Seasol is the natural solution for your garden. It can be used on all plants including natives all through the year. Regular applications can help your garden prepare for summer, protecting against heat and drought, pest and disease. Nigel shows us some great ways to use Seasol.

  • Many plants handle being transplanted very well, but there is always a bit of risk so preparing the plant for the move is vital. The first thing to do is apply Seasol a week or two in advance to strengthen the plant.
  • Prepare the new planting site hole in advance. Do any soil improvement works beforehand so the move is hopefully a seamless transition.
  • Carefully dig around the plant and slice a complete vertical circle around the root ball, which should be as large as you can handle and in accordance to the size of the plant.
  • Plant the plant, water in well to settle the soil and hydrate the plant. Then apply Seasol.
  • Seasol is an all round amazing plant tonic that contains magical growth stimulants found in bull kelp, washed up onto the beaches of King Island. It is collected in a totally sustainable way and processed for easy use.
  • The kelp is full of nutrition, and you can use it on all your plants from natives to edibles. It promotes strong root systems, beneficial soil microbes, health and vigour, better, longer lasting blooms and fruits and it increases tolerance to environmental stress such as heat, drought and frost. Seasol also helps plants reduce damage from insect and fungal attack by building strong cell walls.
  • You can mix Seasol concentrate with water in a can, or there is the 2 litre hose on bottle for larger areas that is really quick and easy to use.