Pot Trolleys

Segment: Pot Trolleys
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep04
Presenter: Bonnie–Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 28th September 2019

Gardening can be back breaking work at times, especially when you’re moving pots around, though there is an easy solution to this – pot trolleys.

  • Whites has a few different styles of pot trolley, such as the wood–poly composite pot trolley. This is available in 2 colours, and can be found in round, rectangular or square shapes.
  • This is a modern, stylish way to display your pots, and will not damage the surface of your timbers, tiles or pavers.
  • The pot trolleys are strong and sturdy, with the largest trolley being able to support 125kg. This is perfect for your potted small feature trees, and is still easily manoeuvrable with some weight on it.
  • The wheels have a locking system, meaning your plants won’t be skating off on you.
  • The Extendable Pot Movers can fit to the size of your pots, giving you the perfect fit every time. They have a powder coated finish, and are available in a 3–wheel or 4–wheel system, depending on the level of duty your plants will require.