Transplanting – Replanting

Segment: Transplanting/Replanting
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep04
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 28th September 2019

Moving plants around the garden is part of the fun of gardening, so it is important to make sure that you’re transplanting your plants correctly.

  • Some plants, such as sensitive natives, do not handle transplanting well, but many others move well – although for large shrubs and trees you might need some more serious machinery.
  • A good shovel and a bar are generally all you’ll need for manual transplanting. A post hole shovel will let you dig around your plant and get a decent root ball. These are fantastic general–purpose shovels, perfect for digging deep and narrow holes, pits, fencing and shallow trenches.
  • The Cyclone post hole shovel has a lacquer–sealed Australian hardwood handle, making it comfortable to use as well as long–lasting. The reinforcing ribs on the blade add extra strength, and being Australian made, you know it will last a long time – for this reason, it has a lifetime guarantee.
  • The reinforcing will come into play when you’re getting under the root ball. You can put a good amount of pressure on the shovel, although for more serious lifting and root chopping, you’ll want to use a bar.
  • The Cyclone bar is a ripper, with a chisel point ideal for digging and chopping through roots, and the perfect amount of strength and leverage for popping and lifting root balls. The upset head is great for packing soil when you’re setting posts for a fence.
  • When using a bar, make sure to wear gloves to avoid some nasty blisters. Be very conscious of your back – bend your knees, and don’t let your feet get in the way.