Spring Collection’s Gladioli Fire Collection

Segment: Spring Collection’s Gladioli Fire Collection
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep05
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 5th October 2019

Summer is the perfect time to get your hands-on Dame Edna’s favourite plant – the gladioli.

  • The gladioli plant originates in Africa, but the forms we get in our gardens are dramatically different, with huge flowers and an incredible range of colours – soft pastels to fiery hot reds, yellows and oranges.
  • Garden Express have offered an amazing deal for friends of The Garden Gurus. Pick up a selection of 5 different types of gladioli, normally valued at $44.50, for just $30 – a massive saving of over 30%.
  • Make sure to plant your gladioli into a rich, organic soil, ideally in a bright, sunny position. Keep them well watered, and be sure to feed them, and within a short amount of time you’ll be able to see them take off.