Big-Up Your Lawn

Segment: Big-Up Your Lawn
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep06
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 12th October 2019

When laying a new lawn, it is important to make sure you’re following the steps to ensure a long lasting, healthy lawn.

  • To ensure a successful lawn, you need to properly prepare your soil, drainage & levels, select the correct species for your situation, and have good laying technique.
  • All new lawns need water during the establishment stage to ensure they don’t dry out. Once the lawn is established and the roots have taken, you can begin backing off the watering gradually.
  • Seasol Lawn & Turf Starter has all the benefits of a higher concentration of Seasol, plus liquid compost, which helps to improve soil germination and reduce transplant shock. It promotes strong root development, healthy green growth and reduces stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic.
  • Try not to walk on your newly laid turf for a couple of weeks after you lay it – this will allow the roots to develop and get into the soil without getting crushed.
  • Rolling newly laid turf will ensure it is in contact with the soil. Do this after watering – you can hire water filled rollers.
  • The click-on hose spray bottles are easy to set up – the straw goes into the spray nozzle, so just attach the cap, click on the hose and turn on the water.
  • Reduce the water pressure for smaller, close up areas – you can do this by kinking the hose a bit.