Wood Chopping

Segment: Wood Chopping
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep07
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 19th October 2019

A good axe will make your wood chopping job a much more pleasurable experience.

  • First coming onto the scene in the stone age, the earliest axes had no handles – these days, you’ve got wood and fibre glass handles with carbon steel heads.
  • The Australian designed Cyclone 2kg Fibreglass Axe is perfect for your felling, chopping and trimming needs. It’s polished 2kg one piece, drop forged high carbon steel blade is 100% hardened and tempered for maximum durability.
  • The solid fibreglass core and non-slip comfort grip combine to provide a comfortable, well-balanced axe.
  • If your axe gets stuck, make sure to wiggle it back and forth not sideways, but vertically – this will avoid burs on the blade.
  • The Cyclone Block Splitter is the ideal tool for chopping firewood. It’s heavy duty, great for chopping hardwoods, and has a unique impact absorbing collar – as well as a lifetime guarantee.
  • The Block Splitter has a wider, 2.5kg chisel shaped head, and an immaculate spotted gum handle.
  • The hatchet is great for smaller jobs. At 680g, with a fibreglass handle and rubber grip, it is perfect for getting kindling for a fire or removing bark from logs.