Aussie Natives

Segment: Aussie Natives
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep07
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 19th October 2019

Kings Park is a spectacular garden, covering some 900 acres, and it is home to one of the world’s most spectacular wildflower displays.

  • Not only does Kings Park host a display of botanical plant collections from all over the world, but is home to many of WA’s unique wildflowers, of which 12,000 species are only found here.
  • Waxflowers originate from the Geraldton area. The colour spectrum starts with whites through to deep purples, and new varieties are being triaged with amazing developments in their evolution.
  • While they have been extensively bred in programs in Eastern Australia and overseas, kangaroo paws are unique to WA’s South West. The biggest market for kangaroo paws in the world is in Europe, where people love keeping them as indoor plants.
  • Kangaroo paws come in a more compact form – these are known as cat paws.
  • Kings Park has a world class breeding program, with many new and improved forms of WA natives being developed here. These are commercialised for growing internationally as improved garden specimens.
  • Feather flowers, or verticordias, grow well in sunny postitions, tending to stay fairly compact. They like to be pruned regularly, and can make an excellent plant for your garden – so long as you have free draining soils.
  • WA’s natives have evolved to be unique and spectacular, whilst being able to grow in dry, harsh conditions.