Grass Trimming

Segment: Grass Trimming
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep08
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 26th October 2019

If you’re looking to enjoy your time in the garden, you want to be sure you’re using the right equipment.

  • The FSA 56 is Stihl’s super lightweight, quiet take on a battery grass trimmer. It is part of the Compact Battery Range, which now boasts 9 tools in total, including 3 mowers, 2 hedge trimmers, 2 chainsaws and a blower.
  • All you need to do to start the trimmer is pop the battery into the slot. There are no cables, no fuel to mix, and no petrol engine under your armpit.
  • The adjustable shaft length means anyone can get the balance just right. The battery weight at the rear perfectly counters the motor at the cutting end.
  • The wire spacer guard is designed to meet the same length as the line, meaning you can trim around your favourite fences, trees and play equipment without leaving any damage.
  • Despite weighting just 3.3kg, the trimmer’s 28cm cutting circle can cut through tall and wet grass with ease, and thanks to the torque of the high-performance motor and generous 1.6mm thick line that is great for tackling heavier scrub.
  • The head speed is high enough to deliver a clean cut, and there is little slowing when things get heavy.
  • Despite being battery powered, this trimmer can go the distance, allowing you to trip over a kilometre of lawn edges on a single charge.
  • One of the biggest issues people have with grass trimmers is feeding line out from the head and reloading new line once it’s run out. This isn’t a problem here – the AutoCut head simply needs a tap on the ground and the new line adjusts to the correct length, and once the line runs out, new line can be loaded by simply replacing the ready loaded spool.