Veggie Garden

Segment: Veggie Garden
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep9
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 2nd November 2019

Trevor shares some hints and tips to keep your veggie garden productive all year round.

  • Resting the soil over winter can be a good idea. Spring plantings are designed to deliver summer crops, but to get the strongest growth from your new veggies, you will need to boost their natural minerals and microbes
  • Seasol is a soil tonic, and Powerfeed is a powerful fertiliser. This granulated version has Troforte technology with its nutrient supply.
  • Sprinkle the granules across the top soil at a rate of around a handful per square meter. Don’t worry about the little weed seedlings just yet.
  • A Stihl cultivator will churn the soil over, opening it up to make it loose and friable, mixing the fertiliser and microbes deep into the aerated soil.
  • The loose friable mixture is perfect for new roots to grow through seeking out moisture, and this means deeper, healthier, stronger root systems, and will make sure the plants above are incredibly productive.
  • If you’re growing tomatoes, make sure to stake them – the clever frames from Whites Group can be picked up at your local Bunnings.
  • Swan Valley Nursery is the home to a number of great vegetables, including tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Once you have planted your crop, water it in. Your plants will use a lot of energy while growing, and you can boost them with a special blend of Troforte Powerfeed, specially designed for veggies and tomatoes.