Charismatic Kale

Segment: Charismatic Kale
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep9
Presenter: Dr. Shy Vishnumohan
TX Date: 2nd November 2019

In recent years, kale has gone from being a garnish on the side to a main course.

  • Leafy greens are nutrient dense and fibre rich.
  • Around the world, people are adding kale to smoothies, throwing them into salads and stir fries, and even making chips out of them.
  • The Curly Kale has crinkly leaves with ruffles and frills; the Dinosaur Kale, also known as the Tuscan/Lacinato Kale has dark green, rugged leaves, and the Red Russian has leaves that turn red as the temperature drops.
  • You can pick up your own kale plants from Swan Valley Nursery, a specialist edible plant grower.
  • Kale is a perfect crop to grow throughout the cooler seasons, lasting for months as a cut-and-come-again green, meaning you can pick exactly what you need, and don’t have to worry about rotting veggies in your fridge.
  • Begin harvesting your kale after approximately 7-weeks – it will provide constant picking for up to 10 months.
  • Not only is it frost hardy, but frost actually improves the flavour.
  • Kale contains a potent cancer-protecting chemical called sulforaphane. To maximise the sulforaphane content, do not boil your kale – eat them raw, or lightly steamed/stir-fried.