Watering Systems

Segment: Watering Systems
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep10
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 16th November 2019

With watering restrictions in place around the country, it is important to make sure you’re conscious of the amount of water you’re using.

  • A full blown, top of the range irrigation system is justified in larger gardens, with new technologies making them even easier to install.
  • If your garden has different zones, they will likely need to be watered individually at different times or sequentially.
  • The BTX8 Smart Irrigation Controller from Holman Industries is a next generation controller, and can be controlled from your smart phone.
  • The solenoid cables, running to a solenoid valve, allow for different zone water control, and are connected to the controller.
  • This is a simple attach and screw in process, with the controller itself requiring a power source to plug into.
  • There are 8 stations available from this controller, so it is quite capable of looking after a large garden.
  • Your phone will allow you to program the number of minutes you want each station to run, which is important from a water saving point of view – your lawn needs more water than a native plant, and this system allows you to program each run time.
  • If your garden is looking dry after a hot day, you can manually set the controller to run in a one-off cycle.
  • You can install a rain sensor, which will help you save water particularly if you’ve gone away and it rains.