Boosting Exotic Flowers

Segment: Boosting Exotic Flowers
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep11
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 23rd November 2019

Plants that grow in dry conditions are gross feeders, needing a lot of nutrients throughout the warmer months to produce the best results.

  • While fertilisers such as NPK Blue work well on exotic flowers, they release fast and furiously, leaving a lot of waste which can often end up in groundwater or rivers – pollution the environment doesn’t need.
  • Troforte CRF Superfeeder is a world class, biologically enhanced controlled release plant food, brilliant for garden plants of pot plants.
  • The Superfeeder has all the benefits of regular Troforte M – 2 strains of beneficial microbes to enliven the soil with positive probiotics, which are vitally important for healthy feeder roots. It also has the comprehensive 60 minerals in it, but the blend is what makes this special.
  • This blend is specifically designed for flowers, including exotics. It is designed to producer more, larger, fragrant flowers – it also produces flowers earlier.
  • You can’t burn your plants or harm the environment with this fertiliser.
  • It’s Australian technology and uses Australian native microbes. It’s good for your soil, feeds your plants and is perfect for exotics.

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