Segment: Ekodeck
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 21st December 2019

Trevor explains why he decided to use Ekodeck rather than timber for his pool area.

  • Ekodeck carries a 20 year warranty, which is something you’ll never get with timber.
  • Timber can get slippery in a moist area like around the pool, while Ekodeck has got a high non slip rate.
  • Timber has to be maintained annually (sanded, oiled, etc.) while Ekodeck doesn’t need any of that.
  • The greatest benefit comes in the installation phase: once the subframe has been built, the deck boards can go in. The install fixture system used, called “Quickfix”, provides an easy to install concealed securing system that allows you to enjoy long straight board runs without the highly visual nail or screw lines. The final aesthetic appeal is superb.
  • Ekodeck also ticks all the boxes from an ethical point of view, since 80% of the materials are reclaimed or recycled.
  • From a money-saving point of view, the ease and speed of installation and the fact that there’s no huge amounts of time being spent on maintenance, this timber alternative has all the potential to become the future of decking in this country.