Fruit Trees

Segment: Fruit Trees
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 21st December 2019

Trevor shares some gardening knowledge and tips about how to grow trees even in non-ideal conditions.

  • Most plants have two types of roots: anchor roots and feeder roots. The former run deeper and secure the plant to the soil, while the latter run close to the surface and they are vitally important to the plant’s health.
  • That is why mulching garden beds and improving the top soil is so important! Add as much compost as possible in productive gardens as microbes love the organic and open airy nature of the top soil, where dissolved minerals are absorbed by the feeder roots.
  • Troforte M is a fertiliser created in WA for the country’s poorest soils. It includes 24 of the best beneficial soil microbes and it can be used everywhere as it’s not limited to one particular type of tree or shrub.
  • Trevor shows some examples of plants that have flourished in his garden and produce abundant fruit thanks to this fertiliser, despite the original poor quality soil: Cavendish bananas, tamarillos, citrus.
  • This product is a controlled release plant food, with 60 micro and macro nutrients in mineral form. The microbes convert these minerals into plant food over a 6 months period, which means little nutrient leaching and waste - which is better for your plants, saves you money and is good for the environment too.
  • If you want to increase growth a little more, there’s also a Troforte liquid plant food that will boost your plants to produce larger and juicier fruit.

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