New Release Plants

Segment: New Release Plants
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep14
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 21st December 2019

Spring is a very active time in the garden and it is also a great time to discover new and exciting plant varieties which have just been released for the new season. Bonnie goes to the local nursery to pick out four of them.

  • Lavandula ‘The Queen’ has an impressive two-toned flower with deep-burgundy heads topped with lilac feathery bracts. It creates a great contrast in the garden thanks to its silvery foliage and it flowers throughout the summer months. It is also frost resistant and with low water requirements: the perfect plant!
  • A brand new daisy, the Grandessa Pink halo gets its name from the deep pink ring in the centre of the flower. What makes this variety stand out compared to others is that the flowers are 50% larger.
  • Dreameria is a range of brand new Armerias which have just been developed for their masses of globed flowers, tough neat growth and long stems, which make them ideal for cut flowers and long-lasting floral displays in the garden. After 10 years of breeding, we can finally add these beautiful plants to our gardens.
  • There’s something quite special for the fruit lovers too: the Malus “Magnus Summer Surprise” is unlike any other apple tree you have ever seen before. The bright, ruby coloured skin can tempt anyone and one bite will reveal the deep-pink flesh. Crisp and juicy, this is an early fruiting variety with apples forming in January to February.