Enormous Impacts

Segment: Enormous Impacts
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 22 February 2020

Trev shows you how native trees handle extreme drought and which trees are best for our gardens and our warming climate.

  • When you think about native gardens you need to understand how native plants actually work. They grow strongly when there’s water available, usually late Autumn/Winter and early Spring.
  • Natives will go into a state of dormancy during the hot and dry Summer months when moisture is at its lowest levels.
  • Drought is part of the environment here in Australia, with plants and animals adapting to living in these new conditions.
  • Many of our natives including Melaleucas have volatile oil-rich foliage. They also produce a large amount of tree waste, with large dumps in the beginning of summer.
  • That oil-rich foliage takes a long time to break down and the tree’s reason for dumping is to encourage fire. Fire clears off any competitors outside but also burns the nuts dropped from the tree and allows them to release the seed and stimulate regrowth of the same species. This is an amazing evolutionary adaption!
  • Clever garden design is vitally important to manage bushfires. When designing, consider plant and tree diversity, with deciduous trees like Jacarandas. Try and keep Eucalypts and Confers on the outside edges of your property.