ÜVÉSZKERT Botanic Garden Part 2

Segment: FÜVÉSZKERT Botanic Garden Part 2
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 2
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 29 February 2020

Trevor continues his exploration of FÜVÉSZKERT and visits its stunning greenhouse.

  • The amazing botanic garden is just 20 minutes and easily accessible from the capital, Budapest.
  • FÜVÉSZKERT has one of Europe’s very best greenhouses which houses a number of beautiful plants from around the equator.
  • The Palm House is a must see and one Europe’s oldest, built back in 1865!
  • It was built to house palms, which are considered to be so exotic that people would have come from far and wide to experience these amazing equatorial plants!
  • The conditions inside the Palm House are perfect for a number of plants that are not native to the area, such as avocado, coffee, papaya and bananas.
  • Just outside the glass houses you will find a surprisingly productive garden, where the Japanese persimmon tree grows. This is a tree that grows well in Australia too, perfect for your garden!
  • The collection of plants that have been introduced at FÜVÉSZKERT is amazing including the Chinese Gooseberry!
  • Make sure you head outside the glass houses and head into the arboretum with over 800 species of trees and the autumn is the best time to explore.