Segment: Waxflowers
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 2
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 22 February 2020

For the past few decades, the hybridisation of new species has seen some amazing new plants arrive. Trevor meets Adrian of Helix Australia to talk about the great work they are doing with the Geraldton Waxflower.

  • When it comes to seeing Aussie native plant varieties change, Kangaroo paws and the waxflower have seen enormous growth.
  • Helix Australia, led by Adrian Parsons, is at the forefront of innovation for the Geraldton Waxflower. Helix is an Australian-owned company at the forefront of genetics and work closely with Kings Park Botanic Gardens.
  • They use advance breeding techniques to come up with new colours and varieties of the Waxflower, with hybrids coming through the system now. This means, larger bloom size and multicoloured flowers.
  • The waxflower plant is very hearty and can withstand hedging and hard pruning at the end of the season.
  • The next wave of hybrid that Helix are working on is a waxflower plant that can work in a small home garden, with a rockery or hedging environment.
  • One benefit of the flower production from winter through to spring is the benefit to native wildlife such as birds who love the waxflower for nesting and nectar purposes!
  • If you love bush tucker plants, then the Waxflower is great for you because the leaves are edible! The deliver a gorgeous citrus flavour that adds to any dish!