Soil Care

Segment: Soil Care
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 3
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 7th March 2020

After a hot summer, it’s a good idea to nurture your plants and soil to help them recover.

  • Just like when building a house, your plants need a strong foundation to help them grow. One of the best ways to do this is through feeding.
  • Fertilising your garden is great for plants at this time of year, giving them the boost they’ve been looking for – it can also help with soil recovery.
  • Troforte M has over 24 strains of beneficial microbes, as well as up to 60 natural minerals that will provide you with healthier, hardier plants. This will improve the soil with each application.
  • Once you’ve cracked open the lid, the microbes will remain active for up to 11 months, so there is no rush to use them all in one go.
  • Look for soil that is dull in colour – you are aiming for it to be richer and more chocolate brown in colour.
  • To apply, sprinkle a few scoops around where it is needed most. This can help you be more direct with where you want the soil to be treated.
  • You can apply this evenly around the garden, around established gardens or around new plantings. When applying to plants, sprinkle it around the drip line of the plant for the best results.
  • Once you have applied, give the soil a thorough water. This ensures that the microbes are activated and before you know it, you’ll have little microscopic helpers in your garden’s soil.

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