Potting Plants Highlights 7

Segment: Potting Plants Highlights 7
Episode: Autumn 2020, Ep 5
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 21st March 2020

Phalaenopsis, or moth orchids, are a real treat, but can leave some gardeners confused as to how to take care of them – here are some tips.

  • One of the first things that can go wrong when growing an orchid is using the wrong soil. The roots need to be able to breath and require good drainage, so using a good potting mix made of coarse bark is a must.
  • Don’t re-pot into anything too big – these plants can survive in the same pot for quite a long time, so only re-pot every 12-18 months.
  • These are long-lived flowering plants, and when they do finish flowering it can seem like quite a long time before another flower appears.
  • Instead of taking the whole flowering stem off, just cut it back to the next bud point below where the last flower was. These little buds are the nodes, and have the potential to give you more flowers in a few month’s time.
  • Make sure not to overwater, particularly in the cooler months. In peak growing season, water once the soil dries out, which is usually every 7-10 days.
  • The best spot to grow orchids is in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight.
  • Using a high potassium liquid fertiliser every two weeks throughout the growing season will help to encourage flowering.
  • Wipe the foliage down with a damp cloth every few weeks to get rid of any dust or grime, as this will help keep the foliage healthier when grown indoors.
  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t see rapid growth, as these are known to only throw out a few new leaves each year.