Nuremberg Markets

Segment: Nuremberg Markets
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 4th April 2020

Nuremberg is one of the many stops on the Grand European Viking Cruise through Europe, and is home to a spectacular market site known for its array of beautiful plants.

  • The Hauptmarkt is a large market square in the heart of Nuremberg. There are a number of fantastic markets held here throughout the year, including the annual Christkindlesmarkt.
  • The Wochenmarkt is Nuremberg’s largest weekly market, with approximately 50 permanent registrations. It is a farmer’s market, and is the best place to go to pick up some fresh produce.
  • The square is full of colourful market stands, contrasting beautifully with the Gothic Frauenkirche Church.
  • The cushion bush, an Australian plant, is known for its white foliage.
  • Winter sweet is an American plant. The highlight of this plant is its berries, with a beautiful range of reds, pinks and whites. It makes for a great indoor plant.
  • The heath is a sensational, colourful plant. It makes a great indoor or outdoor feature, and can be manipulated to hold its colour all year.
  • Baby blue is an Australian native – a silver mountain eucalyptus. Its foliage is unusual, retaining it as it grows larger. It has a heavy level of oil in the foliage, with the heavy eucalyptus smell.
  • The Wochenmarkt runs each week from Monday to Saturday, and is well worth a visit – with the range of fresh produce and flowers on offer, you won’t go home disappointed.