Vegetable Care

Segment: Vegetable Care
Episode: 7
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 4th April 2020

Growing your own vegetables is incredibly rewarding, and this is the perfect time to prep your garden to grow some delicious winter veggies.

  • Almost all vegetables love to be grown in a humus rich soil. This means a lot of organic compost and animal manure – never use pet manure however, as it can sometimes be contaminated by medication.
  • When using compost and manures, make sure to really blend and dig it into the soil. Applying compost to your garden each time you replant the beds will help to keep the soil friable and healthy.
  • Once your soil is sorted, it is time to plant. Salad greens such as silverbeet and kale are great veggies to grow in your garden.
  • Try to keep your plants evenly spaced to give them plenty of room to fill out and grow – roughly 20-25cm is a good distance.
  • Feeding is one of the most important steps, and you’ll want to do it quite often. A lot of your success growing vegetables comes down to the nutrients they are getting, with Troforte being a great option.
  • Troforte contains a controlled release fertiliser, so your plants will be getting the nutrients as they need them – there is no wastage.
  • This is perfect for your garden if you have a lot of wildlife, as it is completely environmentally river and reef safe.
  • Troforte contains everything your veggies need, with 60 natural minerals and up to 24 strains of Australian cultured beneficial soil microbes which break down minerals, and help to improve and maintain a healthy soil.
  • This makes it easier for your plants to take up nutrients, assisting in revitalising the soil over time and helping to fight off soil borne diseases naturally.
  • Make sure to properly water your veggies and make sure they’re getting enough sun. Veggies usually require more water in the summer and if they’re in a sandy-loam soil.