Herb Garden on Tir

Segment: Herb Garden on Tir
Episode: 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 11th April 2020

All Viking longships come equipped with their very own herb garden, offering the freshest of herbs to their guests.

  • The herb garden is located on the ship’s sun deck, where the herbs are able to access the light they require.
  • The herbs are the source of many of the fresh flavours that the chefs on board rely on to deliver the amazing food that Viking is known for.
  • There are a range of Mediterranean varieties on board, including thyme, rosemary, lavender and popular flavour bombs like lemon balm and sage.
  • Executive chef Alex Rosling is passionate about delivering the freshest quality produce to the table, and also manages the garden and its upkeep.
  • The herb garden is maintained through a proper watering schedule – it is also important to protect it from the cold European weather.
  • Viking is a family company, and the idea for the herb garden came from company owner Torstein Hagen’s mother.
  • Herbs are fun to grow, and there are a number of benefits to producing your own organic herb garden – you know exactly where everything came from, and you know that what you grow is chemical free.
  • Viking spare no effort in making sure their guests are well looked after – it’s no wonder they are consistently voted the world’s best cruise line.