Potting Plants Highlights 5

Segment: Potting Plants Highlights 5
Episode: 8
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 11th April 2020

The quirky looking Pachypodium, or Thick Foot, is a great little succulent that can be grown as an indoor or outdoor plant.

  • You want to use a premium quality potting mix for your plant – one designed for cacti and succulents. The potting mix is more course, making it ideal as it will hold less moisture.
  • You will need a larger pot than what the plant comes in. Don’t go too big right away – around 16cm should do. The plant takes a lot time to grow out of its pot, so it should be happy for a year or two.
  • The stem of the plant grows in an upward fashion, and as it grows the leaves will drop off. The hook spines along the trunk act as a barrier against even the most curious of animals.
  • If you choose to grow this as an indoor plant, make sure to grow it in the warmest part of your home, as they love hot sun – avoid placing them in low light as it could result in poor growth and a sick plant.
  • These are not heavy feeders – all you will need is a slow release fertiliser as they don’t like big bursts of nitrogen.
  • While it doesn’t need much water, even the toughest of succulents still needs a drink every now and then. Only water once the soil has completely dried out – in winter you can cut back the watering to once a fortnight or longer.